Murphy's Law

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"
I've always heard about Murphy's Law and how us military spouses always get hit with it. I've been in this life for awhile now and I've never had to deal with it.. Until now. I blame it on my husband's deployment AT and upcoming deployment. It's like it can sense that I'm all alone for 3 weeks for the first time. I mean I've been without him for longer and been fine but, now as a married couple. And not with a deployment looming. I feel like it's been waiting for me to be at my lowest to show it's ugly face.

It all started with us having to cancel my husband's going away party because his manager decided she didn't want to give him an extra day off. She wants him back the day after he gets back. I got over it because instead we're going to celebrate his birthday, just the two of us, the day he gets back. Then if he gets his vacation, like he's suppose to before he mobs, we'll reschedule it. If we can't do that then we'll have to suck it up and do some one on one visits.

Sunday night rolls in and I get this horrible pain. What could it be but, a stupid UTI. I haven't had one of those in years but, all of a sudden BAM! On top of being extremely uncomfortable I can't run off to the doctor because I don't know anything about our Tricare insurance. I don't know why I didn't find out. I guess I just figured I've been well for this long. What's 3 more weeks?

Monday comes and it's time for me to go back home. (I was staying with my parents) I go to crank our car. Guess what?... You guessed it. It was dead. We haven't had any problems with it lately but, all of a sudden. The battery is dead. I get my mom to give me a jump. It works so I come home. I didn't get to go to the doctor so I got some Azo and hoped to make it unil...

Today, It started off with NO word from my husband. No good morning like usual. No I love you's. No I'm going to text you when I can. Nothing. I  push it out of my mind and try to find a doctors office that will take Tricare. Wouldn't you know it, none of the offices I usually go to or are around me accept Tricare or aren't in the network. Oh and did I mention my car won't start..again. So now I have to wait until 5.00pm for my dad to get off work to take me to buy a new battery and I can't go to the doctor for another day.
This is all happening while I'm waiting for my debt card to get mailed to me. So I have no access to our money.

In just THREE days, my world has managed to crumble before me. Each day a little more gets piled on. I'm honestly scared to see what happens tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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