Thursday, September 20, 2012

Many things come to mind when I think about homecoming. My husband has finally made it to the United States and is a few states over, demobing. I wish they could have just come home but, that's the Guard life for you. So I have a week or so to over analyze things like always.
 You would think I would be occupied with unpacking seeing how I recently just moved our things, with the help of my family, to the next town over. I can't help but, worry.
Worry about the reintergration process. How will we reconnect? How will he feel about being just us again. Our marriage has revolved around this deployment. The first year was spent  preparing for the deployment and the second on the actual deployment. What now? How do you go from depending on yourself to working together again?
We didn't have the easiest deployment, relationship wise. It really shined light on some of our weak areas. I don't know if I'm really over it all yet. I worry that I'll be expected to just jump back into everything and I don't think I can. If I don't I think it could just add to our problems.
This is suppose to be a happy time. I don't think they prepair you enough for what comes after the hugs and kisses. The time when you get in the car and go home. Just some thoughts for the night...