Lists, lists, and more lists

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
As D-day gets closer I find myself making lists. So many lists. To do lists, to pack lists, activities lists, and to buy lists. All these lists are saying to me is "times a ticking!" It's time to kick it into high gear!! Most of my lists are pre-deployment lists. If you're a list person and looking for a pre-deployment check list check this one out! > USAA :) 

I just don't want to forget anything. When my husband went to his 3 week AT so many things went wrong because we weren't as prepared as I thought we were. I can't let that happen this time. I mean this isn't a 3 week trip. This is a 365 day trip! There isn't room to not be prepared.

With roughly 3 weeks left I can already feel a nervous break down coming on. WATCH OUT! haha


  1. Diana said...:

    Despite how worried you are, you seem to have this under control :)

    Oh and now I LOVE USAA even more! The fact that they provide a "pre-deployment" and "deployment" list is great! I really wish I would have known about this before because it seems really helpful.

  1. Amy said...:

    I'm trying my best :) and me too. USAA is awesome. They have a lot more then just great insurance.

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