Valentine's Day Care package

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Here is my quick post about the care package I sent my husband for Valentine's Day :)

First, I used one the APO/large flat rate boxes that you can get at your local post office or online at the USPS website.
The first picture is how I decorated it. 1) I use Scotch permanent double sided tape. 2) I like to use the wrapping paper with the lines on the back. It's a lot easier to cut a straight line with and to measure the size that you need. I cute them into strips measuring from the flap (flat,open) to the side and to the bottom. I know some people just like to put paper on the flap, which is fine. I just like to cover all of the brown area. 3) When I'm finished covering all sides, I like to cut one square the size of the bottom to cover any empty spaces or lines from the paper strips. 4) I found these really cute heart and "love" decorations at my local WalMart. Each pack was 97 cents. 5) Their were two kinds of hearts, glitter and worded. 6) This is what it looked like when I was finished. Make sure when you have something as thick as the "love" word that you put it on the flap that you fold into the box and not on top of the other flaps. And have fun with it. I put the hearts on top of each other and some going a different direction. I also made sure I mixed up the colors.

For this box I decided to try my hand at making a "Cake In A Jar". It was really easy. Before anything, wash your jars, lids, and tops! My box of cake mix filled 5 jars. 1) I used a Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix. You can use any kind. 2) I got a box of 12 Ball jars. You don't need that many unless you just want to make 12 jars full lol That's just the only kind I could find in WalMart. 3) The jars are Wide Mouth Pint size jars. 4) Make sure you  preheat to 350f and grease the jars before you start making your cake. 5) Make your cake the way the box says. 6) Pour your cake mix into your greased jars, making sure to keep the rims and outside of the jar as clean as possible. To insure this I used a measuring cup. 6) Fill your jars about a cup worth full. The jars I used has the measurements on it. It ends up being about a half a jar full. 7)Place your jars on a cookie sheet to keep them from tipping over in the oven. 8) While your cake is cooking, boil your lids in a pot of water. I waited towards the end of my baking because I was afraid they'd cook for to long. (I haven't done any kind of canning if you can not tell). 9) After you've cooked your cake for about 30 minutes, take it out and do the "toothpick" test. If the toothpick is clean of raw dough it's read. As my mom pointed out, crumbs are ok to have on the tooth pick as long as it's not raw cake batter. I ended up needing about two more minutes for mine. 10) After you've determined that your cake is ready and you've taken them out, while they are still hot, put your still hot lids on your jar and carefully screw on the tops. As they cool they will seal. Listen for the "ping" sound to know they are sealed. If you miss the sound, wait for them to cool and then push the top of the lid. If it doesn't move it's already sealed. 11) If you want to make it special you can dress it up with ribbon like I did in the above pictures or even use stickers or paint.
Send along a few plastic forks or spoons and a container of frosting and you're all set. Make sure you wrap them in something that will keep the glass from breaking and will keep it contained if it does break.

This is what his box looked like before I sealed it. I sent
1) Two "Cake in a Jar"s
2) One container of cream cheese frosting
3) One large Hershey's Kiss
4) A container of pink Cotton Candy
5) A blue heart shaped box of chocolates
6) A dvd ( X-Men First Class)
7) A blue stuffed animal monkey
8) A cute dog box with animal crackers
9) A Kodak Easyshare digital camera via Walmart's after Christmas sell
10) I got a bag of Valentine's cherry suckers and heart message candies and I spread them around
in the box.


  1. How adorable and sweet of you (quite literally!) Thanks for sharing and hope you had a good Valentine's Day!

  1. Amy said...:

    Thank you :) I hope you did as well!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I made jar cake too! The guys overseas loved it, and I'm pretty sure my husband ate a few too many. :)

  1. Amy said...:

    Lol mine did too!

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