Running on Fumes

Saturday, July 7, 2012
*deep breath* It seems my life is revolving on these slow, deep breaths. This deployment feels to be lingering the closer homecoming gets. While I should be happy and excited that we're getting closer to the end I find myself irritated and annoyed by not only the extra stresses of finding a place to live and setting it up before he makes his return home but, also worrying about how the next few months or even year is going to go. Getting back to married life suddenly seems like a weird concept. Add on my husband wanting to reenlist for 6 more years and you can expect me to blow at any moment.
I guess it could be the deployment talking when I say I wish my husband wouldn't reenlist. It's true I knew he was in the military when we got married. If I haven't said it i'll say it now, knowing and living are two completely different things. When we got married he talked about getting out because his contract was coming up but, a month after we said "I do" he said "I've got orders". That was it. He had his mind made up before he even left drill to come home to tell me about it that he was going to extend for this deployment. I had no say. I made my peace with it and we enjoyed the time we had left together in our first year of marriage. I should have known then that it wouldn't stop there.
Stay tuned to find out what happens in this adventure of ours. :)