Day Zero

Saturday, August 13, 2011
My husband just left for his 3 week AT. Three weeks in this life isn't that long but, no matter how long it is the first day always sucks. Like my husband likes to say about basic "Day Zero is always the worst". Today is my day zero. On top of him being gone he's left me the exciting task of planning a going away party for him for when he gets back. The first thing you should know about why this is a problem is because I am in no way coordinate or crafty enough to have been given this task to begin with. Another VERY annoying reason this is becoming a problem is because of the manager where my husband works. Even though he's an assistant manager and pretty much does everything she does, she's the general manager.He asked to be off for Aug 13- Sep 4 a month and a half ago and she okayed it. Well he took her his orders which is for aug 13-sep 2. She's insisting that he come back on Sep 4th. The problem with that is that's the day of his going away party. I asked my husband if he told her and he said yeah and that she didn't care. We're both beyond pissed! The location is already booked and people have already been told. It was already okayed. My husband keeps saying he's not going no matter what she says and I can see his side but, he's still got 2 weeks left there before he deploys and we unfortunately need that pay check. UGH! It's so upsetting that this is even a problem when his manager knows what's its for. GRRRRRRR....end of rant!


  1. Hello! I stopped by from National Guard Wives on Facebook. I'm always amazed at how unworkable employers can be when it comes to NG Soldiers. It's especially sad when it's so close to a deployment that they can't give a little! I hope it all works out for you guys and you can enjoy the party.

  1. Amy said...:

    Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by!! We actually ended up cancelling it. It was just too much stress. We're hoping to move it to another date.

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