Labor Day weekend

Monday, September 5, 2011
It's been a roller coaster of a weekend. It all started Thursday night. As I mentioned in an earlier post we had to cancel my husband's going away party because his manager decided to make him work. Or so we thought. He called to get his schedule Thursday and she had him off Saturday and Sunday. I can't express how pissed I was about it. After all the crap she put us through about wanting that day off and then she gives him that day off AFTER we cancelled it. REALLY?
Friday comes and I tried to let go of the stress of different things and get excited about my husband coming home and his suprise birthday party. I was already upset because his parents and one of his sisters back out of coming to his birthday dinner. So we're left with my parents, two brothers, and one of his sisters. By this point I was just done with the whole thing. I go and pick my husband up and we have a good dinner and he seemed to enjoy his self. We are on the ride home and he decides it's a good time to confess that he didn't tell me that he did something he wasn't suppose to do while he was gone. I already have trust issues so I snapped. He leaves when we get home and I just go to bed. I had enough.
Saturday is here and we make up. All day. haha There isn't much to say about Saturday other then, I never realized how important a simple touch can be until you haven't had that feeling in awhile.
Sunday was pretty lazy too. I was a little bummed that we didn't do anything with his two days off but, he had been gone for 3 weeks training so I tried to understand that he wasn't in the mood to get up and do anything.
Now we're at Monday. It started raining early this morning thanks to hurricane Lee. I don't mind it too much. I love the rain and it helps the temperatures come down. I've spent the day alone since Chris had to work a double today. And we're in for the same tomorrow. It's just so good to finally have him home. I don't look forward to next months and having to say our good-byes.....


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